Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lovey Bride Hearts it - Lucky to Have You and a Lovely Irish Tradition

Above Photo Credits: We Heart It

 On our wedding husband and I both being Irish... wanted to honor our Irish heritage by incorporating an old Irish tradition called Handfasting- an Ancient Irish Wedding Tradition.

 Photo credits: Ely Bros Photography

Handfasting is an ancient Celtic custom, especially common in Ireland and Scotland, in which a man and woman came together at the start of their marriage relationship. Their hands, or more accurately, their wrists, were literally tied together by 3 unique cords. This practice gave way to the expression "tying the knot" which has come to mean getting married or engaged.
Above is a photo of us on our wedding day during the handfasting ceremony.  I  carefully handpicked three different ribbon/cords to be used -which now remained tied together forever in a beautiful vintage wooden box.

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