Thursday, March 24, 2011

Succulents and Vera Wang

Designer: Vera Wang   :||:   Spring/Summer 2011

Succulent Escort Cards 
  source: The Sweetest Occasion     


  1. that vera wang dress is just fabulous.... now only if my little pregger belly would fit into it on my wedding day! lol :) suggestions of wedding dresses for a 7 month pregnant belly? (in May)

  2. Hi Laura! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and the soon to be new addition!
    Wow! May is just a month away. I would suggest an empire waist v neck cap sleeves wedding gown or just about any empire waist gown... feminine and soft, which is a perfect tone for your wedding day.
    Good luck! Your are going to double glow!:)

  3. Just saw your comment on here :) ooops!!! thanks for the suggestion!!! It's going to be on the beach in Florida too.. so I may need to go with something a little lighter around the top, because it's probably going to be HOT HOT HOT! :) but I was thinking empire waist gown as well :) Thanks sweetie!!