Tuesday, June 7, 2011

BHLDN Last Minute Decoration Ideas

BHLDN sells a last minute embellishments to your wedding.

Papillon Bumper Garland exclusive to  BHLDN
Fasten this pom quintet behind the getaway car of choice and watch handpainted tin butterflies and ribbon streamers dance. A Mara Mi and Nathalie Lete collaboration. Handmade. Tissue paper, ribbon, metal. Imported. 

 Woodland Thank You Cards From Paloma’s Nest available at BHLDN
Salvaged wood from lumber scrap heaps is given new purpose and a hand stamped message of gratitude. Add a personalized note with pen, pencil, or marker. From Paloma’s Nest. Set of six wood slices and envelopes. Wood, kraft paper. USA. 

Crinkle Fans available at BHLDN
Tuck these hand-crinkled and clipped fans into centerpieces and tablescapes, or use ’em the old fashioned way for a cool breeze. Set of 10. Lokta paper, wood, cotton string. Handmade in Nepal.

Salutations Ribbon available at BHLDN
Say it once or tenfold, we’d just recommend saying it with pretty, hand stamped organic cotton. From Paloma’s Nest. Cotton, non-toxic ink, wood. Handmade in USA. 

 Porcelain Bloom available at BHLDN
Fresh blooms are captured in fine porcelain. We see these tucked into centerpieces, aisle garlands, onto cakes, and around napkins. Single bloom; your choice of dogwood, cherry blossom, or magnolia. Handmade. Porcelain, copper wire fastener. Imported.

Spiraled Shoppe Straws available at BHLDN
Bring some punch to your punch with colorful, retro-inspired sippers. Set of 25. Biodegradable card stock. USA. 

Sweethearts' Forks available at BHLDN
One for each… how lovely. A hand stamped vintage set of two from Woodenhive. Silver-plated metal. Hand wash. Handmade in USA. 

Papered Pom Set available at BHLDN
Billowy folds of tissue paper bring an air of lightness and whimsy to ceremonies and receptions alike. Set of 5 includes two large-sized poms in off white and tan and three medium-sized poms in off white, grey, and vanilla, as well as one spool of monofilament for hanging. Recycled tissue paper, iron wire. Hand cut and wired; machine pressed in USA. 

Boy Meets Girl Drink Posts available at BHLDN
Keep drinks cool and well-blended with this pleasing pair of newlyweds. A Mara Mi and Nathalie Lete collaboration. Handmade. Set of two. Paper, plastic. Imported. 

Three Ring Thank You Cards available at BHLDN
These circus-inspired notes are fit for kids of all ages, especially the grownup kind. From Austin Press of San Francisco. Set of six letterpress cards and envelopes. Pulp board, 100% recycled brown bags. USA. 

Well Wishes Pennants available at BHLDN
These talkative pennants feature occasion-appropriate wishes, set in a playful vintage type. Pair with cupcakes, appetizers, cocktails, and other small portions. From artist Wendy Addison. Set of 24; eight of each style. Double sided. Paper, wood. Handmade in USA.

Rosette Coasters available at BHLDN
Beautifully printed blooms not only captivate the eye, but provide a good target for any and all celebratory drinks. Set of 50; four unique designs. 30% recycled paper. USA. 

Proprietor's Keys available at BHLDN
Charm bow-tied packages, placeholders, and centerpieces with a single vintage key. Set of 12. Metal, linen ribbon. Imported. 

Handsome Velvet Photo Album available at BHLDN
Supple velvet in foresty hues encases sewn-bound, 100% recycled book board and paper. The quality of this album’s paper was specially formulated with the intention of keeping your photos safe for years to come. 50 pages. Silk velvet, recycled book board and paper. Handmade in USA. 

Sweets For Your Sweet Bags available at BHLDN
Keep treats evenly parceled in pint-sized pouches of pretty brown kraft paper. Set of 15. Heavy stock kraft paper. Handmade in Australia.

A bundle of blanks for friends and family to write a little something to the bride and couple-to-be. We’d use these in a table display at a shower, or any type of pre-party. Set of 50 cards. Paper, metal. Imported. 

Glittered Notion Banner available at BHLDN
n ivory ribbon, German glass glitter adorns J-U-S-T-M-A-R-R-I-E-D—perfect for stringing along the backs of his and her chairs, or on the walls behind them. From artist Wendy Addison. Cardboard, German glass glitter. Handmade in USA.

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